10 Batman Gadgets That Still Haven’t Been Used After 57 Years Of Movies

10 Batman Gadgets That Still Haven’t Been Used After 57 Years Of Movies


  • Batman’s arsenal of gadgets in the films only scratches the surface of what is available in the comics, leaving plenty of room for new and exciting tools to be adapted for future movies.
  • The Batman Part II is likely to continue the trend of showcasing more realistic and grounded gadgets, with the possibility of Batman using gadgets like the finger taser for self-defense.
  • Some of Batman’s more niche tools like the Bat-Eye, bulletproof face-shield, freeze grenades, collapsible sword, projectile ears, and propeller boots have yet to be adapted for film but could make for great additions to the Dark Knight’s arsenal.

Since his first feature film in 1966, Batman has used a plethora of creative and clever bat-themed gadgets and gizmos, but the films have only scratched the surface of his arsenal from the comics. The Batman films have had a wide variety of tones, from the campy, cartoony fun of Adam West’s version of the character to the gritty, grounded Dark Knight trilogy from the mind of Christopher Nolan – and the tools of these heroes often reflect as much. Classics like the Batarang and grappling guns are always sure to make an appearance, but some of Batman’s more niche tools have been left out.

With 2022’s The Batman having perhaps the most down-to-earth version of Gotham yet, most of Batman’s gadgets being possible in real life, it’s likely that any new toys Batman uses will follow a similar trend in the upcoming The Batman Part II. The comics, on the other hand, present Batman with a bottomless well of larger-than-life toys, which would make for some excellent movie moments despite their basis in science fiction. After 57 years of movies – and a huge array of live-action versions of Batman to choose from – the Dark Knight’s source material still has a plethora of bat-themed tools yet to be adapted for film.

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10 Finger Taser

batman finger taser

As a primarily non-lethal combatant, Batman has gotten a lot of mileage out of tasers. In The Dark Knight, he even uses one as a defensive measure to protect his identity, with the famous cowl shocking one of Joker’s goons that tries to uncover Bruce Wayne’s true identity. However, the comics have introduced a tiny but powerful taser in an odd place, which is as-of-yet not adapted.

Detective Comics #871 introduces the finger taser, hidden in the fingertips of Batman’s gauntlets. While incredibly compact, these hidden weapons still are mundane self-defense weapons that do exist in real life. This secret weapon could be great to see in even a more realistic version of the Caped Crusader’s arsenal on-screen, delivering a literal and figurative shock to persistent henchmen who find themselves in Batman’s striking range.

9 The Bat-Eye

bat eye

Not every Batman gadget is so ergonomic. The bulky Bat-Eye is essentially a spherical flying drone the size of the basketball, invaluable to Batman and Robin in reconnaissance thanks to its powerful camera. Even though it isn’t exactly pocket-sized, the Bat-Eye can be conveniently placed into the Batmobile for easy travel and storage.

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Looking like a literal eyeball in the comics, the Bat-Eye seems to be able to hover in the air through unknown means. If the Bat-Eye were to make a film appearance, it would likely get a makeover as a more aerodynamic and believable hovering drone, the technology having a strong basis in reality. Lucius Fox also tends to show up as the device’s maintenance mechanic, which could make the Bat-Eye a great way to introduce his character in future films.

8 Bulletproof Face-Shield

batman bulletproof face shield

Batman’s costume, including his iconic cowl, is typically described as bulletproof, with Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit being the latest example. However, in every variation of Batman’s uniform, his lower jaw is always left exposed. Wading into bullets with such a vulnerable target seems like a terrible idea, but the comics have presented a unique solution for this.

The controversial solo-book, Batman: Odyssey, presents a solution for this, equipping The Dark Knight with a voice activated transparent face shield. Able to withstand small arms fire even at point-blank distance, this see-through defensive mechanism is still thoughtful enough to keep Batman’s pearly whites visible. An incredibly unrealistic gadget, the face-shield would be epic to see in live-action, but might stretch suspension of disbelief to its breaking point.

7 Freeze Grenades

Batman Freeze Grenade Arkham Knight

Batman has used many variations of non-lethal grenades throughout the course of his films, usually in the form of a smoke bombs. But the freeze bombs, one of Batman’s most versatile and iconic projectiles in the comics, have yet to see movie representation. Upon impact, these hand-held cryonic weapons create a frosty impact zone, freezing objects and even people.

These bombs have a wide range of applications, including creating slippery surfaces, stopping foes in their tracks, and stabilizing grievous injuries. Typically based on the technology of Mr. Freeze, the freeze bombs would make the most sense to introduce after a movie introduction of the icy villain. However, they’re particularly useful against the amorphous Clayface. Since Clayface is thought to be the prospective villain of The Batman: Part II, the freeze bombs may have their best chance at showing up in live action yet.

6 Collapsible Sword

Batman Laser Sword

Traditionally a more lethal weapon, it’s uncommon to see Batman wielding a sword in the comics, but it isn’t unheard of. Many times, the Caped Crusader is even shown as having a collapsible blade on his person ready to go at all times. The animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold has one of the coolest interpretations of this weapon, with Batman unsheathing a lightsaber-like blade from his utility belt to fight The Clock King’s automatons in space.

There are a lot of more realistic situations that could demand Batman’s use of a sword in future films. Deadly organizations such as the League of Assassins or the Court of Owls could be introduced, forcing Batman into a sword fight. Considering Batman takes heavy inspiration from the swashbuckler Zorro, his use of a sword even feels like a natural fit for the films.

5 Projectile Ears

Batman Ear Attack Against White Knight

Over the years, Batman’s suit has become more and more stuffed with hidden weapons. Always planning ahead, Bruce Wayne has created many tricks up his sleeve that can serve as ejection seats to get him out of a bind. One of the most bizarre examples is the weaponized bat ears of the iconic cowl.

Even when tied up or grappled, Batman can send the pointy, spring-loaded ears flying into an enemy’s face, serving as a useful distraction if nothing else. As clever as this option is, it leaves him looking pretty goofy afterward, the embarrassment alone making this a true weapon of last-resort. While it’s not the most unrealistic gadget Batman has used over the years, it’s hard to say this emergency weapon will be making a film appearance any time soon due to its sheer silliness.

4 Propeller Boots

batman underwater

Even though Batman doesn’t technically have any superpowers, he may as well be considered superhuman when it comes to his uncanny knack for preparation. Never knowing when he’ll need to dive into Gotham’s bay or go spelunking into a sewer system, Batman has become well-acquainted with aquatic environments in his adventures. Enter the propeller boots, a hidden attachment to Batman’s footwear that allows him to navigate the water with ease.

In the comics, this invention shows up in the venerated Hush storyline, where he uses it to rescue Catwoman after she’s plunged into frigid waters. Whether the boots are easy enough to run and jump in to be worth equipping every time The Dark Knight leaves the Batcave is up in the air. But with the ending of The Batman leaving Gotham heavily flooded, these nifty boots have a great chance at an on-screen appearance.

3 Heated Batarang

heated batarang

Batman’s most iconic gadget, the Batarang has made an appearance in every live-action incarnation of the character. But the versatile weapon has evolved into so much more than a simple boomerang. So many variations of the Batarang exist that they have become gadget platforms in their own right, allowing Batman to control his environment with a variety of effects.

Showing up in Gotham City Sirens #24, this version of the Batarang has a miniature heater built within it that can create incredible temperatures. This is conventionally used against Clayface, who’s viscous hide is prone to being dried out and crumbling in the face of extreme heat. Once again, with Clayface rumored to make his first live-action appearance in The Batman: Part II, Robert Pattinson’s Batman would do well to include the fiery Batarang in his arsenal.

2 Bat-Nets


Usually depicted as not being willing to kill, Batman’s weaponry aims instead to restrain and disable his opponents. Nets are a great tool to this end, tangling criminals long enough for the authorities to arrive and deal with them. In the DC’s Gotham After Midnight miniseries, Batman uses an elaborate, thematic delivery system for his nets.

Staying as on-brand as ever, Batman uses tiny mechanical bats to house the nets, letting them automatically track opponents down through the air before firing an entangling projectile. Portable, accurate, and versatile, these nets are an incredibly cool recent addition to Batman’s arsenal. Unfortunately, their complexity and less-than-realistic mechanical components make the nets a poor contender for showing up on the silver screen.

1 Green Lantern Ring

Batman wearing a Green Lantern ring in DC Comics

Not technically a gadget, a Green Lantern ring is nevertheless an unquestionably powerful tool Batman has utilized multiple times throughout the comics. Powered by willpower, Bruce Wayne’s inhuman levels of determination make great fuel for the rings, making him a natural at controlling the green constructs the ring provides access to. He even is able to mold the ring to his signature thematic, creating green bat constructs to harass his enemies.

As awesome as it would be to see in theaters, audiences are clearly a long way away from being able to see a live-action Batman use a Green Lantern ring. It would only be possible after years of crossovers and the establishment of a new DC cinematic universe, but the hype Batman wielding a ring could generate would be an amazing culminating moment on par with Captain America lifting Mjolnir in the MCU. For now, this is one powerful weapon from the comics that Batman won’t be getting his hands on in the films any time soon.

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