5 tech gadgets I never ever go away household devoid of (and they make terrific gifts)

Apple, Apricorn, KeySmart, Rolling Square, and YubiKey.

I get to cope with and review a good deal of devices over the program of a year. Some very good (this is the things you get to go through about), a whole lot of it entirely forgettable (you do not get to listen to about this).

But a lot of persons are curious about the tech that I use and find a must have in my day-to-working day everyday living.

I’m leaving my Iphone 14 Professional Max and my Apple View Ultra out of this record. Whilst these are my most-used bits of tech by much, they’re fairly boring.

So, this is the other stuff that I use. Most of what I’m listing in this article is system-agnostic, but if something is especially Apple-centered, I will supply an option.

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So, permit me empty out my pockets and just take you on a rapid tour of the gizmos that have been the most useful to me in 2022.

YubiKey 5 NFC

YubiKey 5 NFC


If you happen to be not applying hardware two-variable authentication (also identified as multi-aspect authentication or two-stage verification), then you really should. This merged USB-A and NFC protection crucial replaces getting despatched SMS messages by on-line solutions to authenticate that you, are certainly, you.

I hold a USB-A to USB-C adapter handy, so I can attach this to far more modern devices. Due to the fact it has both USB-C and NFC, the vital will work with a complete host of gadgets, from Iphone to Android, to Home windows and Mac units.

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This important can be utilized for hundreds of on the net services, from Facebook, Google, and Twitter to much more distinct services, such as Coinbase, Salesforce, and Login.gov. Your YubiKey can also be made use of to secure password storage companies these types of as Bitwarden, Password Risk-free, and LastPass.

Very suggested.

Apple AirTags

Apple AirTag


I have these on every little thing — on my keys, my luggage, my laptop computer bag, my e-bike, and even my vehicle. 

They just take all the anxiety out of misplacing stuff. I’ve neglected what it can be like to reduce my keys or question wherever my luggage could have wandered off to.

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To attach the AirTag to my keys, I use the KeySmart Air holder.

Perfect for any person who has an Iphone!

I applied to be a massive Tile admirer and still advise it to my Android-using pals (fact is, I even now have a quantity of Tiles in use, but I am phasing them out above time).

KeySmart MultiTool 5-in-1

KeySmart Multitool 5-in-1

KeySmart Multitool 5-in-1.


I have had this on my keys for a few of months now and I like it. It really is a tiny slab of stainless metal that capabilities a Phillips screwdriver, box cutter, ruler, prybar, and flat-head screwdriver.

When blended with the KeySmart NanoScissors, it is really a brilliant, lightweight combo of instruments that I can keep on my keyring. 

Rolling Square inCharge 6-in-1 Cable

Rolling Square inCharge 6-in-1 Cable

Rolling Square inCharge 6-in-1 Cable.

Rolling Sq.

This is a little cable that has it all when it arrives to connectors. Whilst I don’t depend on this for common charging, it’s the ideal backup cable for these moments when I have misplaced the cable I require. It involves: 

  • USB to USB-C
  • USB to Lightning
  • USB to microUSB
  • USB-C to USB-C
  • USB-C to Lightning
  • USB-C to microUSB

Apricorn Aegis Protected Essential 3 NXC

Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3 NXC

Apricorn Aegis Safe Essential 3 NXC.


Very little gives you a feeling of stability like owning a copy of your most significant information with you at all periods. Much better however, to have it encrypted these that you can entry it, but no 1 else can.

This provides just that — a truly higher level of security, still the relieve and convenience of a USB flash generate.

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This flash generate could appear to be like overkill, but this requires the strategy of the common USB flash push and elevates it to James Bond standing.

Nobody’s acquiring at any info you have on this.