Raspberry Pi Compute Module 5 is in Development, CEO Eben Upton Confirms

Raspberry Pi YouTuber Jeff Geerling had the chance to interview Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton at CES. During the interview we hear Upton confirming that Raspberry Pi 5 production is ramping up, and inadvertently we also get first confirmation that the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 5 is an upcoming product.

At the three minute mark we hear Geerling ask Upton about the Compute Module 5 and Upton replies “Yeah. No, it’s happening. I think we’ve committed CM5 (Compute Module 5) is happening”. 

Geerling then talks about a forum post from a Raspberry Pi engineer which alludes to a possible release date of the first half of 2024. Upton’s unintentionally enigmatic response does not confirm when we will see a CM5. All we get is a simple “Yeah” followed by highlighting that Raspberry Pi has released guidance for those wishing to design products based around the future board. The guidance is not for general distribution, requiring a lengthy sign-up and verification process in order to use the guide.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

What we can confirm though is that the Compute Module 5 will share the same dual connectors as the Compute Module 4. Previous Compute Modules used a SODIMM interface for power and data. With the CM4 we saw dual edge connectors introduced. One of which served power and low-speed interfaces, the other for higher-speed interfaces.